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As always, the Freepers have the most level-headed analysis:

Is he bowing because Raul is so short???

And he is bowing to Catro too...


I think he is bowing out of respect... goes to show you whom does Obama respect.

"It's all going as planned, Raul, my amigo. The rubes don't even realize I'm an Kenyan Marxist infiltrator"

Looks like he bowed too.

Would Obama have done the same for Lenin, or Stalin, or Hitler? The Castro's are of the same ilk. Murderous thugs. But the POTUS gives him bow and hearty handshake and converses with him like he's an old friend, or comrade. Repulsive and disgusting, but we know Obama too well after six years, eh

Not pictured when he turned around and twerked raul ala miley circus.

Obama did it because he views Castro as a "comrade"- he has more in common with Castro than with people in the US...

The bastard (acknowledged) son of a Cuban planter aristocrat- who went to the finest Jesuit schools and became a lawyer from Havana U., creates a prison island plantation of his own communistic slaves, rips off all the money from the seized private property of legal Cubans and US companies. Takes the money and sends it to Bank of Cuba in the City of London, and to Swiss banks. An international terrorist psycho and friend of Jimmah Cahtah. A cocaine smuggler/enabler to this day.

He shakes hand with anti-communist Quaker Richard Nixon, whom the left ran out of office because their book of whores was discovered in the Watergate breakin (done without Nixon's knowledge by his psycho loyalists)— and one of the whores was John Dean's wife. This is the truth. And the whole thing could have been avoided, because there was NO way McGovern was ever going to win the presidency.

But, it is important to know the provenance of all these connections. The Castros are a criminal conspiracy— the usual S. American dictator ripoffs. All in the style of Patrice Lumumba, Mugabe.... and NELSON MANDELA and his charming ex-wife Winnie"Necklace" Mandela.

You can't make this stuff up. And the millions who have suffered and died for freedom— you can't make that up either. Pray for their Peace wherever they now lie.

That's the ole Bowbama! Bowing to the communist!

Did 0bama bow too?


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